Homburger Gespräche

Homburger Gespräche 1979–2006

The publication series “Homburger Gespräche” was established in 1979 by Dr Erich Böckler and the Martin-Carl-Adolf Böckler-Foundation which he had founded. To 2006, a total of 23 volumes were released, containing numerous contributions on the art history and architecture of the Baltic States. One feature of this publication was the effort to promote academic exchange and to include numerous contributions by researchers from the Baltic States. This made the publication unique in the German-speaking region, and for a long time also the only academic forum dedicated to this specific area of research. The self-published series, supervised for many years by Professor Lars Olof Larsson (University of Kiel), was suspended with the 2006 Homburger Gespräch. Thereafter, internet publications and joint publications ensued. In 2017, a new series was established by the foundation. The Edition Mare Balticum continues in the tradition of its founder, but with a focus on the whole of the Baltic Sea Region. The ambitiously designed and extensively illustrated edition is published by Michael Imhof Verlag. Here

Volumes 1–23

Below, please find the titles and tables of contents of the “Homburger Gespräche” from the years 1979–2006. For a nominal fee, copies of individual articles may be ordered from the office of the managing board: e-mail: geschaeftsstelle@boeckler-mare-balticum-stiftung.de. A list of presentations from the Homburger Gespräche 1980–1991 was released in 1992.

H.1 HBG 1979
H.2 HBG 1980
H.3 HBG 1981
H.4 HBG 1983
H.5 HBG 1984 Ausst. Kat.
H.6 1984
H.7 HBG 1985
H.8 HBG 1986
H.9 HBG 1987
H.10 Briefwechsel
H.11 Pressespiegel
H.12 HBG 1988/89
H.13 HBG 1990/91
H.14 HBG 1992/93
H.15 HBG 1995
H.16 HBG 1997
H.17 HBG 1999/2000
H.17 Beiheft
H.18 HBG 1999-2001
H.19 HBG 2001/02
H.20 HBG 2003
H.21 HBG 2004
H.22 HBG 2005
H.23 HBG 2006

Volumes 24–26

The articles of conference reports 24–26 (years 2007–2009) were published exclusively as PDF documents. The texts from these volumes can be viewed online as PDF files or downloaded:

H.24 HBG 2007
H.24 HBG 2007_Sonderbeilage Angstroem
H.25 HBG 2008
Heft 26 - Jahrgang 2010