Since 1979 the Böckler Mare Balticum Foundation has organized international academic conferences under the name "Homburger Gespräche." These events gave rise to the “Homburger Gespräche” publication series (vols. 1–23). This series was suspended with the 2006 Homburger Gespräch. After years of reorientation, a new series was released in 2017: the Edition Mare Balticum. In loose sequence, these volumes will publish the results of the Homburger Gespräche, in addition to individual studies whose research focus aligns with the statutory objectives of the Böckler Mare Balticum Foundation: “Promotion of science and research on the subject of the artistic culture of the Baltic Sea Region, with a focus on the Baltic States as well as their European and extra-European connections”.

Homburger Gespräch 2009

Anu Mänd, Uwe Albrecht (Hg.): Art, Cult and Patronage. Die visuelle Kultur im Ostseeraum zur Zeit Bernt Notkes (= Homburger Gespräch 2009), Kiel, Verlag Ludwig, 2013. (ISBN: 978-3-86935-184-1)