Homburg Round Table

Homburger Gespräche

Since 1979, the Böckler Mare Balticum Foundation has organised an annual academic conference on art and cultural history in the Baltic Sea Region, and especially the Baltic States, under the name "Homburger Gespräche". These conferences are hosted at the foundation’s seat in Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe, as well as other venues, and mostly in cooperation with academic institutions.

Until 2007, the post-conference presentations were published in print under the series title "Homburger Gespräche." With the release of the 24th conference publication (2008), the printed series was suspended, and the conference contributions were published solely as PDF documents on the homepage of the foundation. The publication series was revived in book format in 2017, under the new series title "Edition Mare Balticum." In this new series, subject-specific studies on art and cultural history from the geographic area of the Baltic Sea Region, with a focus on the Baltic States, will be published in an irregular cycle.